DGB Presents Off The Porch: Behind The Legend w/ DJ Scream (Pt. 1)

Today we release the first of an exclusive 4 part Off The Porch interview series, “Behind The Legend” with DJ Scream. We got a chance to sit down with Scream a few weeks back at a very high end studio in Atlanta where he decoded his latest project Legend. But not only did he give us the insight on how the project came together, he gave us the exclusive story on how each record came about and the history behind the songs. Scream has been running the mixtape scene and rap game for over 10 years now, taking his highly skilled talents to the next level by getting into radio the last couple years and making some big power moves. He is far from a rookie and better known as a Legend. Watch part 1 of this series and stay tuned for the next one to be released a week from today. Shot and edited by @IamZayJones.

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