DGB Premiere: Cookie Money – Cookie World 2.5

Oakland, CA: Back on the pages of DGB is the Bay Area noise maker Cookie Money.

A well-respected figure with connections to every rapper in the Bay Area scene, Oakland’s Cookie Money captures respect with his slick lyricism and quiet menace. Though he has only been rapping for a short time, Cookie sounds like a veteran on Cookie World 2.5, his latest mixtape. Winding his world-weary and affectless flow around sinister street instrumentals, Cookie Money tells no lies on CW 2.5, relating stories about his hustling prowess, his violent past, and the tragic inevitability of losing people close to him.

The project features highlights such as “Can’t Stop Now,” his collaboration with Young Dolph, which has earned nearly 300,000 views on YouTube since its release in May, Doughboy Pt. 3,” a sinister, stuttering street anthem premiered by ELEVATOR earlier this month, and “Stop Trappin’,” which lays out the tape’s mission statement: “Whole lotta shit did change since Cookie started rappin’/I done elevated my game, lil n*gga I ain’t trappin’/Got me missin’ my daddy, wishin he could see it happen/Whole life been tragic, turn my pain into passion.”

Featuring appearances from Young Dolph, Philthy Rich, and Layemdown, plus production from Zaytoven and others, Cookie Money 2.5 is an accomplished collection of honest street tales. Listen to Cookie World 2.5 here:

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