EP Stream: Kordoroy Floyd x The Stunt Man “96”

96” is a collaborative EP between Kordoroy Floyd and Canadian producer, The Stunt Man. The 6-track project presents a fusion of Hip-Hop with funky sounds. He is at his best when his energetic flow is in sync with The Stunt Man’s wavy beats such as on “Rag Top”. On other songs like “Little Trees”, and “Drop Top”, Floyd can be imagined having fun with the beat like a child with a new toy. The EP represents a rebirth for Kordoroy Floyd who was formally known as Immerze.

I want my music to be deep and thought-provoking. That’s where the name Immerze came from. After all these years of trying to find myself as a person and an artist, I finally feel like I’ve found the answers I’ve been looking for. I got a grip on the who, where, how, what and why I’m an artist. Welcome to my rebirth.”

Stream below via @Audiomack

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