EP Stream: White John “Cases Still Pending” + Video: “Dead Homies”

LA rapper White John aka Mr. Fuck The LAPD releases his new “Cases Still Pending” EP. The project includes six tracks that introduce who John is an an artist and where he’s headed — of course there are West Coast bangers and woozy anthems for the comedown, but it isn’t just surface level with John, as he mentions a strained relationship with his mom and standing tall in his decisions on “By Yourself,” shares a double-entendre about pain and loss with “Dead Homies,” and there’s even a clever Gilligan’s Island reference on “Switch On Me.”

Cases Still Pending is out via Blac Noize! and features OMB Peezy, Rucci, and Sad 1900. To celebrate the drop, White John will also be releasing the video for “Dead Homies” with OMB Peezy at 1pm ET today. In the video, John and Peezy kick back in Inglewood with a squad, playing cards, counting cash, and showing off a sparkling white Maserati.

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