Ethan Sacii x Cook the Monster “Break Down the Pack”


Produced by Taliban Ju & Narlay

Young Sacii might be the most confident person on social media. With the reception his collaborative mixtape series with DGB has received, that confidence seems to be well founded. With a work ethic to rival post-release Gucci Mane (pick one,) Sacii’s metrics are exponentially growing with each release.

Today’s drop finds Ethan again working with Taliban Ju to great effect. The symmetry between the pair was very evident on DGS3 (below,) and continues here. The chemistry between a producer and artist is frequently undervalued. Look forward to hearing more from Ethan Sacii with Ju and the rest of the 808 Mafia, you won’t be disappointed. Cook the Monster more than ably supplies assistance with a feature here as well.

Breaking down a pack refers to taking a quantity of narcotics and repackaging them in smaller portions which are then in turn sold for a profit.

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