Exclusive: Boogotti Kasino Says Sauce Walka Saved Texas

We recently sat down with Texas rapper Boogotti Kasino fro an exclusive “Off The Porch” interview. During our in-depth conversation, he talked about being out in Atlanta for the past week working, changing his mindset for 2020, explains the main difference between Ft. Worth & Dallas, catching his first case at the age of 9, going to juvenile jail 25 times, his mom passing away when he was 13 and locked up, his frustration with the music industry rewarding characters & clout chasers and not the real ones, blames the suburbs for changing rap forever, explains why he thinks 6ix9ine’s career will be bigger than ever when he comes home from prison even though he snitched, talks about his new project “Big Flamingo”, says that Sauce Walka saved Texas, shares his thoughts on chain snatching and so much more!

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