Exclusive: Lil Quill Talks About Being Drug-Free, Solo Project & More

Last week we caught up with 1017 rapper Lil Quill for an exclusive “Off The Porch” interview! Quill spent a couple months in jail earlier this year for a probation violation but has since came home with a new focus on his career. During our interview, he talked about being drug-free now while he’s on probation, his upcoming debut solo project Don Quillion, explains how Yung Mal continues to motivate him, getting big headed initially after signing with 1017/Alamo Records, talks about his older brother Domo who was murdered in 2013, directing his own music videos, his drip, wanting to do a song with Kendrick Lamar, explains what Dirty Glove Bastard means to him and much more! Check it out below.

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