GFz Mill Tick3t teaches you how to scam on his new single

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“Don’t Make No False Moves Unless They Approve The Shit” (GFz Mill Tick3t)

Atlanta artist GFz Mill Tick3t has been actively creating a buzz for himself with recent performances at Coalition DJs Spring Fest, popular strip clubs throughout the south, and touring with Blo5k Lil A and Bla5er.

Now GFz Mill Tick3t is promoting his newly released single titled “How To Scam” produced by @aye29areyoumad. When asked about the motivation behind the song, GFz Mill Tick3t states, “My motivation behind the song is crazy cuz like the beat was name “Scam” but I wasn’t gonna talk about “Scamming” but soon as my engineer started recording I got a text message saying” Teach Me How To Scam” You can hear that at the beginning of the song during the intro, so after that the rest was kinda history shit be too easy lol”.

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