Off The Porch: Killer Mike Talks New Album, ‘Michael’, Losing His Mom, Reveals What He Learned From Jay-Z, OutKast, and More

Killer Mike

We recently plugged in with the legendary Killer Mike for an exclusive “Off The Porch” interview! During our sit down he talked about his love for Devin The Dude’s music, his new album Michael, the inspiration for his song “Run” featuring Young Thug & Dave Chappelle, jumping off the porch, working elections since he was a kid, explains hoe he connected with OutKast while at Morehouse, recalls the first studio session with OutKast recording “Snappin’ & Trappin’”, being featured on Jay-Z’s “Poppin’ Tags”, what he learned from Jay-Z, his thoughts on Charleston White, receiving messages, being in tune with what’s going on in Atlanta, his speech at the mayor’s press conference, disciplining himself, using his platform to put other artists on, the studio session for “Ready Set Go”, his new album being his most transparent, reveals what he wants his legacy to be, what he learned from his mother, and so much more!

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