King Von Narrates An Intense Crime Drama In New “Robberies” Video

King Von

King Von’s estate continues to share his art with the world with the new video single “Robberies,” a cinematic interpretation that brings one of Von’s stories to life. Von crafts a gripping, crime novel-worthy tale over the ATL Jacob production, sparked by the urban crime novels that inspired him to tell stories of his own. With raw, intense lyrics and delivery, he chronicles a night of hitting a lick and the events that follow, the lyrics reflecting the narrator’s desperation for survival in the streets. The video imagines an inmate at a correctional facility pulling a novel off the shelf before shifting the perspective to the protagonist who prepares for the lick he’s about to hit. The camera angles depict Von’s silhouette, for a feeling of an intense crime drama, before ending with a young man contemplating how to take matters into his own hands and survive life in the streets as Von’s lyrics animate his thoughts.

Check out the video below!

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