KitschKrieg Call On KenTheMan for “BAD B*TCH (BODY, WAIST, LIPS, FACE)”

KitschKrieg, KenTheMan

Known for their powerhouse production and facility with multiple different styles, KitschKrieg are masters of constructing futuristic grooves. Serving up a souped up club jam, the Berlin-based group connects with Houston’s KenTheMan for BAD B*TCH (BODY, WAIST, LIPS, FACE).” One of the hottest rappers in a flourishing Houston scene, KenTheMan made a name for herself with her sharp lyricism, which earned her a spot on the XXL Freshman list in 2022. On “”BAD B*TCH (BODY, WAIST, LIPS, FACE),” KitschKrieg craft a minimalist house banger built from a droning bassline, percolating synth pops, and a scraping bit of percussion that resembles heavy panting after hours on the dancefloor. Speeding up her flow to match the percussion, KenTheMan struts atop the German-engineered instrumental with sass and precision. In the video, shot, as always, in crisp black-and-white, KitschKrieg film a party in Houston, capturing KenTheMan in her element during a luxurious, yet chaotic late night.

Check out the video below!

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