Live Performamce: Trapland Pat “Cappin”

Known for his down-to-earth lyrics, witty advice, and unpredictable beat selection, Florida’s Trapland Pat is ready to blow. Gearing up for his Bang Biz/Alamo Records debut project, Trapnificent, the Broward County native takes an hour-long drive to Miami to let some things off his chest, sharing his 4 Shooters Only From The Block live performance of “Cappin.”

Taking a slower, rhythmic approach to a piano and bassline-heavy production by PepperJack Zoe, who also produced Pat’s recent releases “Trap Dance” and “Losses,” Pat effortlessly blends braggadocious tough-talk with personal anecdotes about his journey, reminding listeners that his rise to fame wasn’t a cake walk. Reflecting on his experiences, Pat calls out the frauds and clout chasers he’s encountered along the way: “They still gon’ try to slime you when the truth right in plain sight/ You supposed to play it raw, I can tell you don’t play that game right/They don’t see the pain from this sh*t, just the glory/Drew this up from scratch, I get to ventin’ about my story.” Soaking up the Miami sun in Allen Iverson’s Georgetown University basketball jersey and flashing his diamond-encrusted smile, Pat reminds you that his ability to ball out came with a hefty price as he poses an important question: “My mouth costs your life/Think twice, could you afford me?”

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