MC Tree

In my entire time covering and listening to hip-hop I’ve never heard someone who was so singular a talent as Tree. When describing his production abilities the term genius would not be inappropriate. He somehow shatters music theory while unleashing a torrent of melody and dynamic instrumentation.

It doesn’t stop there. A strong proponent of social change, Tree’s social commentary displays a deep-rooted wisdom. When his subject matter is topical, Tree always drops some thought provoking bars.

MC Tree joins producer IBCLASSIC, another of the outspoken voices in Chicago hip hop that are growing louder each day. Since 2015, the two found a fusion with their sound and immediately went to work. I.B.’s cool and collected approach to production paired with Tree’s quirky and smooth rhyming seemed to make the perfect pair. With a history and style of their own, this fusion of Midwest hip hop and individual originality sets the stage for an old-school/new wave sound in their new collaborative project, IBTREE.

In the second single “All Dat”, Tree and IB embark through the moral fortitude of holding lookout at the trap. IBCLASSIC’s smooth production paired with Tree’s melodic flow provide the perfect setting for a tune that entails the trap, the worth of a woman, loving the hood and your mother, and everything else in between. Also check out the duo’s first offering from the project below.

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