Meet Denver, North Carolina artist LV Slugg 

Louie Nixon, known professionally as LV Slugg, is a rap artist born and raised in North Carolina. Representing the east side of Lincolnton, Denver NC, he’s spent the last four years building his presence across the East Coast, engineering a career built by hustle and hard work. 

With a style he describes as nothing short of “LIT,” LV Slugg sets the tone with every performance, seamlessly weaving narratives inspired by the everyday grind of individuals from all walks of life. While he loves to turn up, LV Slugg has a certain versatility that is easy to relate to. “Even in my lit music, you will hear a story that everyone should be able to relate to,” he explains. “And that’s the grind, the come up, the hustle,” he continues. Influenced by a wide range of musical icons spanning generations, from the likes of 2Pac, Biggie, and Jay-Z to contemporary stars like Kodak Black, DaBaby, and Migos, LV Slugg’s sound is a dynamic fusion of classic hip-hop with a modern twist.

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His latest single, “9Chekz,” is a breakout hit and serves as an anthem for the hustlers and go-getters, resonating with anyone on the grind for success. With over 73,000 streams and counting, “9Chekz” is rapidly gaining momentum, inching towards 1 million plays across all platforms. His upcoming single, “Rags to Riches,” promises to further solidify the rapper’s position.

Beyond his musical pursuits, LV Slugg is a multifaceted talent, delving into acting, voice overs, and spoken word poetry.

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