Meet Don de’Frxnce, Atlanta’s Artist On The Rise

Don de’Frxnce is a rising Atlanta artist that mixes blunt, yet humorous lyricism with an unmatched storytelling ability indicative of a troubled past.  

Being subjected to the difficult circumstances surrounding an impoverished upbringing enabled Don to develop core characteristics that would appropriately fuel his passion for music.

“What doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger”, is an understatement as it relates to Don’s peculiar story. After an accident left him immobilized for a few months, this very instance birthed his first mixtape “Live From The Basement”. It was this action that ignited a fire within his work ethic and caused Don to develop tunnel vision for what his heart solely desired, musical prowess.  

In a world where it’s almost impossible to stay true to self and not conform to social trends, Don’s innate ability to personalize his hardships into a source of inspiration is a true testament to his character and artistry.  

EP’s “Paris Night’s” and “17” would aid in developing a local fan-base within his community early on. Shortly after releasing a slew of singles following, Don has unveiled a full-length studio project entitled “L’ete en France”.  

The single “Personal Freak”, although not on the referenced project above, has become a fan favorite and has even spiked a challenge among the masses via social media. 

Stream the song here

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