Meet Houston’s Nolia Chapo

Nolia Chapo

Houston has one of the deepest and prestigious underground hip-hop scenes in the world. At any given time there are numerous artists living solely off of music, who may never get their records on the radio or video shows. However, they are often financially more successful than the artists signed to label deals.

From consistently being able to tour their region to fans financially supporting them through merchandise and music purchases, these do it yourself artists learned early on that if you make good music the fans will support you. There’s also much less of a disconnect between the artist and the fan that you see in other major cities. For these and many other reasons, Houston is home to some of the best musicians in the entire genre.

One of my favorite movements I discovered while living there for two years was The Wolfpack. Composed of several members, the crew is known for not only the quality of their music, but the veracity of it’s content as well. In Houston that still matters.

Nolia Chapo has broken through to a couple of national blogs, and has been consistently building momentum with a string of strong releases and visuals. While the entire roster is strong, I felt a particular affinity towards Nolia Chapo’s lyrical content. In 2014 as Nolia Boy he released one of the strongest mixtapes in the city, Trap Religion, that unfortunately isn’t available online. Make sure you press play & check out Nolia Chapo, his next project The Nolia Chapo Story will be out soon and this one will be available everywhere.

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