My Opinion: Ethan Saciis “Blac Chyna”

When it comes to Ethan Sacii‘s latest release “Blac Chyna,” two things come to mind. First, the song itself is a monster. It possesses a ridiculously melodic vibe that’s equally suitable for the club, the car, the gym, and especially getting ready to go out. It’s simple hedonistic pleasure, seen through the artists’ desires and viewpoints. Thus it’s totally honest, they mean this shit. Their stated desires to “associate with Blac Chyna, white girls like Tyga, & the Kardashians” feel not misogynistic, but instead aspirational. After all isn’t that what television teaches us what success is? Perhaps the reality star ingenue is truly the new American status symbol.

Secondly, I have to admire Ethan, Tomy, & Yung Klans lack of judgementalism. Too often successful women such as Chyna, Amber Rose, & the Kardashians are labeled almost as the embodiment of pure evil. Because of how they dress? Who they’re fucking? Not me. I see self-made success stories that fly in the face of conventional mores. Much like Sacii and Clan are doing. This reliance on one’s self should be commended, not condemned. We’re all human, the only difference is in how we sin. Fuck the moral standards a dying generation is trying to impose on us. We can judge what is right and wrong for ourselves. Artists like Ethan Sacii are the face of this new wave of self-made artists who say what they mean and control their career.


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