New Music: A Yearning Passion RollsDeep Through LeTreez’s “Brand New Love.”

Inspired by prominent musicians such as Lil Wayne, Eminem, Sean Paul,
Vybz Kartel, and 50 Cent, the artist decided to pursue music as a career
when he turned 18. His passion for music led him to producing, which he
explored in-depth 2-3 years later. Throughout his twenties, LeTreez
frequently moved between Montreal, France, and Los Angeles, establishing
contacts and immersing himself in the music scenes.

LeTreez engages in a versatile flow with visceral fire on the passionate
“Brand New Love.” He has a casual cool in keeping with his Caribbean
origins in St. Maarten. With nods to the greats like Lil Wayne’s casual flair
and the nostalgic glimmers of Yung Lean’s production, something is
captivating about the multifaceted, multilayered approach. Tempos go for a
laid-back quality, with the rhythm gliding along nicely, accompanying the
strength of his vocals—melodies glimmer in the background adding to the
exquisite sense, a sense reflected in the lyricism. Word choice matters as
he lets a descriptive quality take hold, as multiple angles are brought into
the fray allowing for a kaleidoscopic style.

Right from the first moment, an element of the psychedelic takes hold. His
lyrics offer a similar dreamy-eyed, surrealistic gaze. How he contemplates
his compassion for another adds to the intrinsic beauty. Everything here is
light and airy, with the sound seemingly wafting into infinite space. The
polish he brings to the sound adds to its all-consuming property, making
sure that the many colors sparkle about. Best of all, his mellow attitude on
the mic, at least flow-wise, helps to give it a sense of tenderness. With a
heightened sense of romanticism, the song explores the unknown in the
best possible fashion.

“Brand New Love” has LeTreez finely hone the perfection of that first
impulse of love, the joy and giddiness that stems from that initial burst.

Listen to the Newly Released single out now:

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