New Music: Destin Laurel Drops His Highly Anticipated EP ‘Searching For Clarity’

East Atlanta’s Destin Laurel is a multitalented rising star and a breathe of fresh air in the new generation. While he may still be ‘Searching For Klarity’, the 18 year-old artist-producer has certainly found a captivating signature sound. Not only has he been embraced by the bustling hip hop underground, his refreshing genre-bending style uniquely laced with the soulful sounds of R&B and neo-soul emits a broad appeal that has piqued the interest of industry players far beyond the online subculture. 

Destin has received glowing reviews and spotlights from important outlets (Underground Sound, Our Generation Music, Daily Chiefers, and Complex’s Pigeons & Planes) and co-signs from trailblazers like Rod Wave, Earthgang, Isaiah Rashad, and MadeinTYO. He‘s also collaborated with many of the underground’s most essential producers and released fan-favorite collabs with fellow category-defying rising stars like Xlovclo, Dylvinci and an upcoming collab with Skaiwater – with several more surprises planned throughout the year.

‘Searching for Klarity’ is a new 8-track EP shining a light on the unique sounds of Destin Laurel. With no features and almost entirely self-produced (aside from co-production on “High” and “Condition”), the project is a showcase of the talent, versatility, and magnetic energy of the young East Atlanta-native artist-producer. 

Destin describes the underlying theme of the EP as a reflection on what he describes as the “Search for Klarity,” or the difficulties we all face moving through life whether its love, loss, work, or overcoming one’s upbringing – articulating relatable struggles and displaying wisdom far beyond his 18 years. 

While it’s unclear exactly what genre you might categorizeSearching for Klarity, there’s no question Destin’s sound is rooted in hip hop while incorporating different elements of R&B, neo-soul, and even gospel. He expressed his excitement at being to able to create the defining project he envisioned, diving deeper than ever before into his experimental bag to pull out new vibes, flows, and production styles laden with soulful tones and moody melodies. Overall, the feel of the new EP is wholly unique with a broad appeal far beyond the Atlanta underground, not to mention positive and refreshingly vulnerable in an overwhelmingly dark and serious music landscape. 

Check out the newly released EP below:

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