New Music: Forever The Rebel Brings A New Sound to Music with “ICKY VICKY”

A wild, animalistic energy runs through Forever the Rebel’s “ICKY VICKY.” Full of pure passion, the song burns through everything in its path. The sense of playfulness, flirtation, lust, and satisfaction rest as the piece’s essence. So heavy the beat drops with a sense of coming together for the grinding groove is addictive. Her voice sells the entire thing, serving as the backbone of the rest of the track. When all of this gets placed together, a distinctive trap-like featuring a true sense of liberation results. Nothing here wants to be controlled and pushes against any purpose of it. 

The atmosphere starts up immediately, thick, hot, and heavy. Melodies linger on in the background, for it has this swirling mixture. Almost psychedelic in the way the theme repeats reiterates, and shifts, the evolution goes deep with the heady brew. Lyrics matter and tell a story of what it means to pick up, drop down, to only immediately move on. As if in some delirious dream, the surreal aspect of the track comes from the way people rotate in and out of the equation. Best of all, this has a sheer force of nature quality and soulfulness despite the sleaze. 

“ICKY VICKY” revels in Forever the Rebel’s decadent wordplay with a sound and style that feels uniquely her own. 

Listen Below:

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