New Music: KNØTTZ Channels His Inner Demented Mode With Album “CHAOTiC EViL!”

Despite initially disliking rap music, KNØTTZ found his niche in the
genre when he was introduced to artists like Eminem, Hopsin, and Tech

N9ne. However, discovering artists like XXXTENTACION and Ski Mask the
Slump God solidified his affinity for incorporating various elements of
hardcore music into his own work.

KNØTTZ`s commitment to his craft is evident in his work, which showcases
an excellent fusion of hardcore, grunge, and metal genres. His sound is
raw and unfiltered, imbued with an emotive lyricism that explores the
depths of human emotion. KNOTTZ’s music is a testament to his artistry,
blending his personal experiences with his unique sound.

“CHAOTiC EViL!” has KNØTTZ deliver on the promise of that album title.
The utter madness felt akin to Mr. Bungle being given a tortured laptop and
told to go nuts. Nothing ever lasts that long, and the ideas here are mind-
melting. Lots of subject matter flows through, from the desire to feelings of
being overwhelmed to the sense of becoming crushed. Everything within
the sound has a broken, busted spirit as if each sound was haunted by
waking nightmares.

The clipped drums of “INVITATIØN – INTRO” set the tone for what follows.
Going for an air siren’s spirit is the intense paranoia of “MØVE!!!.” Sludge
metal aesthetics enter the fray on the heavy “KNØTTZ.” Deep bass
rumbles through as “BUBØNIC (feat. G3)” has a horrific aspect to the
screams of anguish. Beats blast off the spindly “SPIDERS” walls with some
nice over-accelerated synthesizer stabs. “WHØRE” has a pure, unfiltered
lust. With “ENTRENCHED” starting things off with a movie sample for
humor, the song’s beats veer into harsh noise aesthetics. “ØBSCENE
(ZAMBiE)” goes for this gargantuan groove, as sonic artifacts enter the rest
of the arrangements, their ghostly presence adding to the mysterious
ethos. “SØ… HØW DØES IT LØØK?” is skin-crawlingly creepy without
needing to raise its voice. Fluttering about with synthetic perfection, “CITY”
has a neon hue. “LØCUST (feat. G3)” embraces biblical evil. Closing the
album out is the lurch of “CIRCLE ØF THE DAMNED.”

“CHAOTiC EViL!” has KNØTTZ present the portrait of the artist as a twisted
sick fuck.

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