New Music: NA SILVA Pours Pure Poetry into Every Line of VIBEZ 

NA SILVA embraces a thoughtful exploration of inner motivations on the atmosphere “VIBEZ.” The jazzy licks that run through it add to the affectionate stance of the sound. Percussion has a chilled-out, laid-back style to it. Everything on here is about the mood, hence the rather pitch-perfect title. His voice ties it together, for there is this dignity to the way that he allows everything to unfurl at its own distinctive peace. Melodies glisten in the gorgeous light. He opts for crystal clarity for the production, granting the track a warm, welcoming presence. 

Chords set the tone right from the very first moment. Upon those first glistens of sound, everything else falls into place quickly. His lyricism has a studious aspect that brings together the sense of purpose that the track goes for. Nods to groups like A Tribe Called Quest to have some influence over the entire disposition. Much like them, NA SILVA ensures that the world gets brought into the fray, allowing for a sense of peace to waft on up through the song. A waking up and greeting the day quality emerges, not one of productivity but rather one of gently easing into the beginning of something new. 

“VIBEZ” presents the undeniably powerful flow of NA SILVA as he navigates a slew of lovely lyricism in a way that makes it feel like an instant classic.  

Listen Below:

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