News: Who Is BigBank Frankk

Rising from the hard-working hustle and bustle island of the Bahamas, rapper BigBank Frank set out to make a statement with his gritty and powerful sound. While still holding on to his Caribbean flair, he opted for a hard-hitting contemporary vibe which set him apart from his peers. Frank was always spiritually connected to music, but it wasn’t until the age of 16 when he lost a close friend whom he shared the passion of music with to a brutal stabbing; it was then that he decided to take his artistic talents serious. His first song released titled, “RIPBanks” dedicated to his late friend was a hit. After gaining some well renowned buzz in theBahamian streets he officially decided to take the momentum as far as he could. His confidence, dedication, and demeanor would soon take him far.Currently residing in Miami, Frank is in the studio daily preparing for the release of his next project, “Foxhill to Miami”. With features that will include hot artist such as Zoey Dollaz, OzSparks, Kiba, Bmoney, Coopz, Flo, Jaymoney Quan, and more fans can expect that same raw and honest flow. He plans to further his career in all aspects, specifically focusing on n label, B.B.F. Music Group. Frank is extremely passionate about giving other Bahamian artists and entertainers opportunities, and he hopes to be an inspiration for them in a culture that values traditional careers over the entertainment route. “I just want people to know, if there is something you want to do you can do it! I’m using myself as an example,” he states in a recent interview. With the anticipation of BigBank Frank’s next project building up, you can be certain it ll be history in the making. His current songs and features can be found on YouTube and Soundcloud.

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  1. Good job BBF..!!!!!!😍

  2. Shakora Gardiner Smith | October 28, 2022 at 11:43 pm | Reply

    Congratulations frank keep on pushing the sky is the limit… May God continue to bless you and guide your path… Ps Corrie 🙏

  3. Just want to say keep doing what you are doing always put God first blessings to you and your family stay focus it’s just a matter of time

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