Niko Brim Releases New Album ‘HUES’

Niko Brim

Niko Brim contributes to the March Madness hype by bringing his album, HUES, to all streaming platforms. The project was originally released on EVEN at the tail-end of 2023 (Dec.1) through the Pay-What-You-Want model.

The 13-track project, out now, blends raw lyricism with melodic beats to create a kaleidoscope of emotions and an unforgettable audible experience. Niko fearlessly explores the spectrum of human existence, inviting listeners to immerse themselves in his world. With each note, HUES becomes more than just an album; it’s a masterpiece that celebrates lyricism, hip-hop, and the diversity and complexity of life, leaving an indelible mark on the canvas of contemporary hip-hop. 

Alongside HUES, Niko drops off a busy new video for “4DACOMPANY” with Kai Ca$h and K Wales. The video, directed by Patrick Lincoln, finds the trio mobbing through NYC as they trade off verses.

Check it out below!

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