Off The Porch Interview: 2KBABY Opens Up About His Journey Of Self-Discovery, Psychedelics, New Music

2KBABY comes back on the porch to discuss life on the west coast compared to life back in the South, changing over the years as an artist and person, things changing around him over time, getting back in tune with himself and life, a shroom trip that changed his perspective, dealing with depression, coping with his mental health without psychedelics, losing his father and learning how to grieve with his loss, almost losing his mind during the first success of his career, being aware of the company he keeps, the craziest sign that God has shown in regards to how he deals with people, the impact of his music, coming back to his faith, working multiple jobs when he was younger, different type of hustles he had when he was younger, his first investment as an artist, recording in the studio at 13, fending for him and his brother once he moved to the A, upcoming project, advice for fans struggling with mental health and more!

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