“Off The Porch” w/ Cam Kirk

We recently sat down with legendary photographer/creative Cam Kirk for an exclusive “Off The Porch” interview! During our discussion, Kirk talked about his journey the past 10 years from unknown photographer to working with billion dollar brands, giving up his dream of being a doctor after one semester of biology and switching majors to business marketing, taking out a student loan to book Wiz Khalifa for a show in Atlanta, reveals what led to him purchasing his first camera, talks about some of the photographers that influenced him, getting his first big opportunity with Young Scooter, working closely with Gucci Mane and not being surprised by his lifestyle changes, his relationship with Metro Boomin, talks about Metro’s vision when they first met & working on the infamous “Metro Thuggin” project, opening his own photography studio, Cam Kirk Studios and the vision for the creative place, explains his new record label style company for photographers “The Collective Gallery” and what he looks for when he signs a photographer, speaks on working with Nike, Puma, Jamesosn & other top brands, being a workaholic and explains how he balances all of his work, receiving plaques for Lil Baby & Gunna’s “Drip Harder” album and working closely with Gunna since the beginning of his career, sacrificing time with family, time for himself and vacations for his career, reveals his favorite camera to shoot with, explains what is the biggest mistake photographers make, talks about working with Atlanta United & having the Magic City sign in his studio and so much more! Check it out below!

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