OG Maco – Breathe 2: Episode 1 “Unite” EP

“The fact of the matter is, all of us just want better for our people.
I am proud of ALL of us who want to take action.
This is needed.
I want us to argue, I want us to challenge each other’s thoughts and opinions so that we can find the REAL answer.
Our passion, that fire that makes us challenge each other’s very essence is what THEY are afraid of!
Our passion creates change.
If me being wrong helps us discover that someone else is right , then I have never been more happy to be wrong because, we ALL win!
Silence and inaction HAVE to be deemed unacceptable at this point.
I challenge all the club promoters to use your promotion engines for your community!!!
I challenge the youth to embrace this fervor as easily as we embrace negativity.
I challenge the white celebrities who openly adopt our culture and profit from our communities to stand up for them.
I challenge the violent to be peaceful and the peaceful to be violent.” OG Maco

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