Rhett Vandal – “WET”. ft Chucky Chuck & Interstates Snakes

Rhett Vandal is from Washington DC/ DMV area. He grew up a skater and was in and out of metal and hard-core bands most his life. Tired of all the drama between bandmates, he left the band to find another avenue for his artistic abilities. With a passion for music and a love for old-school hip-hop, he did not want to drop his mic as a lead vocalist so he thought he can bring a brand new menu to feed the streets. Owner of inked vandals as he is more none as a cyber pimp. Builds and runs models as a Manager/agent so he is always surrounded by some of the hottest models in the Industry. Even Coming from a drug addiction background and rough upbringing Rhett vandal feels that he can make a positive impact into the hip-hop community.

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