DGB Premiere | Roadrunner TB Displays His Love for Community With “Leading The Way”

Roadrunner TB

Roadrunner TB’s rise in rap is a byproduct of his love for community. He’s always dreamt beyond the stigma attached to the Evanston neighborhood he calls home. For TB, St. Leger wasn’t a problem property that symbolized crime, it was a refuge for the forgotten and silenced. It was a source of motivation, then and now. “Seeing people die, go to jail, on drugs or whatever, that motivated me to do more,” he shares. 

TB is a natural-born leader, a figure of authority and influence within his immediate circle. But long before he became a bellwether of change for Cincinnati, the self-proclaimed “Chicken Man” was trying to stretch a dollar into profit. Believe it or not, his genuine love for the city outweighs his love for the hustle. No one identifies with Cincy like TB: he’s an emissary of his city’s unwavering commitment to progress. 

A new day is dawning, and it starts with community outreach, as evident by TB’s string of toy drives and giveaways throughout the years. With Leading The Way, TB introduces viewers to the many avenues and moments that make his hometown so special. The dark clouds of doubt that once shadowed Evanston are ceasing to exist. “In this piece, we explore how TB wants to nurture the future of his community while recognizing the “bloody, dirty history” of its past and how to move forward from it,” says Clay Bonin, Director. 

Though his music highlights the harsh realities of Cincinnati’s impoverished east side, TB’s truth (on wax) is comfort food for the misguided. He’s retained this self-motivated approach to help tell his story, the same tried-and-true formula credited to his success. And now, TB is ready to power (on) through his personal problems in an effort to empower his community, leading the way by example.

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