Off The Porch: Sauce Walka On Making 7 Figures On 0nly Fans, Jay-Z, Cancel Culture, Houston, and More (FULL INTERVIEW)

Sauce Walka

We recently traveled out to Houston to chat with Sauce Walka for a special edition of “Off The Porch”! In part 1 of our exclusive interview he talked about representing Houston to the fullest, feeling like he is the gatekeeper for Texas right now, the importance for each region to have its own culture, feeling like Houston is losing it’s identity as more people in the city are influenced by other areas’ lingo & culture, growing up in a broken home between Houston & Chicago which sparked his creativity, being inspired by warriors, learning how to change his situation at a young age, learning that life will always change, the law of attraction, the importance of never being comfortable, explains why he agrees that the most successful people are the most selfish, his experiences growing up in Chicago with Sauce Gohan, the hustle in Chicago being way different than it is in Houston, dropping “2 Legited 2 Quited”, creating drip, knowing the lifestyle would spread, watching Houston rap fall off from the mainstream, people in Houston being ashamed of it’s own culture, being apart of the group Mash Mode, explains how the sauce lingo started after an encounter with a woman from Memphis, starting to implement the lifestyle into their music, focusing on music when he came home from jail, doing 30 Days Of Sauce on Instagram, changing his name to Sauce Walka, Sancho creating the name for Sauce Twinz, Dipset’s influence, meeting OG Double D, the inspiration for their song/album covers, going against the grain as new artists with their branding, not being afraid of being different, women being men’s biggest weakness, explains why a woman could never break him, freestyling off the top, not writing any of his raps, freestyling being a big part of Houston rap culture, having a photographic memory, his music being his therapy/outlet for his trauma, losing his grandparents, the first ‘Ghetto Gospel’ waking people up, thanks Jay-Z for supporting the song, holding onto the pain music, his new single “0nly Fans”, making 7 figures off the site, his project ‘Al Rage Walka’, his father being a wrestler, learning stage & camera presence from watching his dad, jokes that he only raps on the weekends now, focusing on acting like a rapper, not caring about cancel culture, explains why he can’t be canceled, being respected by the greats meaning more to him than awards, pioneering new sounds, influencing a lot of artists, Travis Scott listening to his music when he was in school, experimenting with new sounds, not wanting to be labeled as an autotune rappers, plans to drop 3 albums this year, and much more!

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