Off The Porch: ScarLip On Overcoming Traumatic Upbringing, Inspiring Others, ”Swizz Beatz Changed My Life,” and More


We recently sat down with buzzing New York artist ScarLip for an exclusive “Off The Porch” interview! During our conversation she talked about growing up in the projects, jumping off the porch the she was 12 after her mother passed away, using music as her therapy, being in & out of group homes & foster homes, reveals she felt safer in the system than at home, having regrets that she said she dissed her aunt, learning to forgive, a white woman taking her in when she was 16 & showing her how to be a woman, recording her first song “Therapy” in 2017, being nervous when she first started recording, having to scrap up money for studio time, setting out to go viral when she released “Glizzy Gobbler”, the song going viral on TikTok immediately, getting into the drill music scene, dropping “This Is New York” blowing up, feeling like her consistency has gotten her to where she is at today, inspiring others with her music & story, importance of keep going, learning not to take anything personal, her new single “No Statements”, explains how she connected with Swizz Beatz, explains how Swizz changed her life, signing with Epic Records, upcoming EP, artists she would like to work with, and much more!

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