Songs: CBM Soulja – In Dese Tulones

If you pay any attention to fashion, especially with southern rappers, you’ve likely noticed a new brand gracing many of the game’s hottest artists as well as thousands of other kids and adults who have become enamored by Tulones. The Mobile, Alabama brand has been around for a few years but over the last twelve months has seen their brand being worn by many of the rap game’s foremost talents but also on teenagers, infants, and grown men who have nothing to do with the music industry. Between their stylish and innovating designs and the brand’s loyalty to a hustler’s mentality, it has become the de-facto uniform for all “Currency Collectors” across the south and beyond. Montgomery, Alabama’s CBM Soulja is the first artist I have seen dedicate a song to the brand, which is something that I honestly thought would happen much sooner, but his latest track “In Dese Tulones” might as well be the brand’s anthem. Soulja’s gruff delivery lands true on the spellbinding and upbeat instrumental where he chronicles the various ways he has got money in his Tulones. If you aren’t yet familiar with Tulones or CBM Soulja I would definitely recommend changing that and keep an eye on CBM Soulja as he and the Montgomery rap scene develop as the year goes on.

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