St. Louis Artist Rezz Releases His ‘4Eva’ Project With Features from LilBuckss & Diamond Street Keem 

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Rezz, is a rising rapper from St. Louis, a city which deeply influences Rezz’s sound and style. This is more than clear in his highly anticipated project, 4EVA, which he just released. Rezz believes he brings a unique dynamic to the music world, creating a polished product that stems from his raw thoughts and emotions. The project’s title, 4EVA, symbolizes the everlasting search for something meaningful. “I feel like that’s what we’re all in search of, something that lasts forever, whatever it may be to you,” Rezz explains about the inspiration behind the title. One other standout aspect of 4EVA is the organic process behind selecting tracks. With a vast catalog of over 1,000 songs, Rezz relies on intuition, saying, “You just know when you can feel it, and it sounds right.”

Featuring a diverse lineup of producers from around the globe and two compelling collaborations with DIAMOND STREET KEEM & LIL BUCKSS, 4EVA highlights Rezz’s versatility. Along with the release, Rezz shares a visually captivating video for “2 STRIKERS”, which was filmed in the North Philadelphia trenches, adding a fun yet dark dimension to the project’s vibe. Fans can expect more visuals for tracks like “Derek Jeter,” “Waffle House,” “Yeah Yeah,” “Water Boy,” and “Weatherproof” as Rezz aims to provide a full multimedia experience. 

Prior to working on this project, Rezz took some time to embark on a personal journey, delving deep into self-discovery, which resulted in him creating a body of work that reflects both vulnerability and progress. Additionally, during this time, Rezz started two new businesses and launched his cannabis strain, “YEAH YEAH.” 4EVA represents not only an evolution in Rezz’s musical journey, but his personal one as well. In a message to his fans and supporters, Rezz encourages them to “FIND YOUR PURPOSE AND FOLLOW IT. TRUST YOURSELF.” 4EVA is now available on all major streaming platforms.

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