Stream: Rae Sremmurd & Duke Deuce “Finger Food”

The world’s largest hip-hop festival is putting together the world’s greatest compilation album. Yes, that is correct – Rolling Loud is gearing up to release its debut album via Rolling Loud Records. Using its years of standout lineups as an A&R goldmine, the album will feature a mix of collaborations that could only happen at the hands of Rolling Loud.

Rolling Loud is kicking things off by bringing Rae Sremmurd and Duke Deuce together for “Finger Food”

In this Crunk star meets Rockstar anthem, the trio highlights their no-f*cks-given attitude and boldly yelled rhymes with lyrics like “climb up in the DJ booth, stand up in the four-door coupe.” “Finger Food” is driven by a piercing electric guitar sample that embodies the true spirit of Rolling Loud – almost like they’ve bottled over 6 years of raging and poured it right into the track. 

Listen to “Finger Food” below via Spotify!

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