Off The Porch: TBoss Speaks On Signing to Cash Money Records, Baton Rouge, “Pick A Side” Blowing Up & More


We recently sat down with buzzing Baton Rouge artist TBoss for an exclusive “Off The Porch” interview! During our conversation she talked about her experience growing up in Baton Rouge, share a female perspective of coming up in BR, playing basketball when she was in school, explains why she stopped playing, her boyfriend passing away while in high school, reveals how she coped, starting to rap when she was 5 years old, lists her musical influences, singing with her label Black Reign, dropping her first project, her growth as an artist from when she first started, her new single “Pick A Side” blowing up, explains how Slim from Cash Money Records reached out to sign her, changing her name from Bigg Troye to TBoss, doing an open verse challenge for “Pick A Side”, her next single “And What”, explains her creative process, her upcoming project, artists she would like to work with, her thoughts on the music scene in BR right now, shares advice for upcoming artists, and much more!

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