TBT: Taj On The Senate/Taliban/Dipset’s Triple Threat 2

During the mixtape era, no one ruled like DIpset. At the beginning of their reign, they frequently collaborated with The Senate. One of the most noteworthy projects they released was Triple Threat 2, a project that one could even find on the West Coast; which is no small feat for a group from Upstate New York. Taj who joined the show was one of the founding members of The Senate. He explains who The Senate was, their relationship to Dipset, how Juelz & Un Kasa came to live with him in Syracuse, what exactly the collectives meant by The Taliban, BTS information on the legendary project, what kind of money they were making from mixtapes in their heyday, the Upstate rap scene: from it’s history to the current reinvigoration, and a lot more.

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