That Mexican OT Returns With “15 Missed Calls” Video

That Mexican OT

That Mexican OT shares a new visual for the “15 Missed Calls” featuring Sploosh God off of his latest album, Lonestar Luchador. On “15 Missed Calls,” OT flexes an iced-grill flow about moving weight and eliminating rivals with extreme, Tony-Montana-like prejudice over an ethereal trap beat blended with Tejano sensibilities. OT rolls dizzying strings of consonants like it’s an autonomic function, fires rounds of syllables that would tongue-tie many peers, and deftly shifts in and out of double-time cadences. In the video, directed by long-time collaborator DGreenz Filmz, we see OT moving like a Texan-El Chavo, distributing his goods via a taco piñata.

Check out the video below!

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