The Outdated Mindset In Hip-Hop: Pastor Troy Vs Lil Nas X

Early Wednesday morning Atlanta’s legendary “We Ready” rapper Pastor Troy took to social media to express some quite distasteful views and opinions.

“Welp Guess I won’t be winning a GRAMMY…If this what I gotta wear.” Troy captioned via Instagram (@pastortroydsgb) on a since-deleted photo of none other than fellow Atlanta record-breaking native Lil Nas X’s in his flamboyant pink custom Versace cowboy-inspired ensemble that reportedly took over 700 hours to bring to fruition for the historic 62nd Annual Grammy Awards that took place in Los Angeles this past Sunday.

PT continuously expressed his dissatisfaction with “They love to push this shit on our Kids!! The other day @applebees had some punks kissing eating mozzarella sticks. First thing my 14 yr old son said was “Fuck Applebee’s” and it brought joy to my heart!! He sees it… their agenda to take the masculinity from Men, Black Men Especially.”

Finally catching the attention of the professional troll, Lil Nas initially commented “This is sad” on the original post before the uproar escalated to Twitter where the two-time Grammy winner quoted a screenshot of the post saying “damn I look good in that pic on god”.

Troy continued his ignorant debate with “Because that shit Man Made. Animals know better. When the last time you seen a gay animal?. Ok”

No matter how strongly Pastor Troy may have felt about this topic, disagreeable views and opinions should always be left unsaid simply out of respect for the feelings of other human beings.

Not only does exploiting such unpleasant opinions on social media add fuel to a forever burning fire that allows others to manifest the same uninviting beliefs but also slows down the momentum of the uphill battle society is desperately fighting to change.

By carrying such an outdated mentality it makes it complicated for humanity to progress in unity. As human beings, we are all individuals who all carry special traits that differ from one another that makes us all unique.

Instead of humiliating one for living a nontypical lifestyle, we should embrace them for fearlessly and courageously living their lives as they see it.

In view of the fact of the strength and bravery members of the LGBTQ community possess to fully be comfortable and confident within themselves every being from every walk of life can learn from them.

Having to endure a struggle just to equally coexist is extremely dehumanizing and no one should ever have to experience such hardship.

It is always easier to show respect to another individual than to purposely go out your way to disrespect them. Give love to receive love, or end up with the comment section of your entire Instagram flooded with rainbow emojis. Ask Pastor Troy.

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