Off The Porch: Thug Lucciano Says His Mother & Sister Snitched On Him, Signing To Sauce Walka, New Song w/ Zaytoven, and More

Thug Lucciano

We recently sat down with Kansas artist Thug Lucciano for an exclusive “Off The Porch” interview! During our conversation he talked about misconceptions about Wichita, getting into the streets at a young age, jumping off the porch when he was 12, his father not being around so he turned to the streets, overcoming the streets, tells the story of what lead him going to prison, his sister & mother snitching on him, getting sentenced to 3 years, coming home on a positive tip, falling out with his family, turning his life around, shares advice for the youth, starting to rap while locked up, the music scene in Wichita, being the first rapper from Kansas to have a Gangsta Grill tape, getting love in other cities, working with Sauce Walka in 2017, their single “Whole Lotta”, collabing with Pleasure P on “Yo Body”, new single “Bet Nun” with Zaytoven, goals for 2023, fatherhood, meeting his father later in life, using music as therapy, and much more!

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