Tom Gist Talks if Diplomatic Ties Was Upstaged

Tom Gist

When Dipset reunited and announced their first project in years fans were understandably excited. The talk soon turned to if whether or not the album would include mainstays such as Hell Rell, 40 Cal, JR Writer, A-Mafia, Tom Gist, Jha Jha, & more. Unfortunately the official Diplomats album only included the core four (Cam, Jim Jones, Juelz, & Freekey Zeekey.)

Not to be out done, the remaining members and affiliates decided to record their own project and release it on the same day. They named it The Upstage and the title is self explanatory. Word on the tweets and the block is that they actually put out a better project.

Fortunately we had a chance to speak to Tom Gist about all of this, check out what he has to say.

Were you officially Dipset?

 I was a Dipset affiliate.

How did you become affiliated?

I knew Freekey since he was like 16, and my man Tobb Cobain took a mixtape I did to Cam, and then he reached out.

Did you know The Upstage was a response to Diplomatic Ties

It wasn’t a response to it. We knew the fans were gonna ask about us, so we put something together for them. Salute to Jr. Writer for quarterbacking The Upstage. 

All the YouTube videos feature Gist.

Do you think it upstaged it?

I think it showed that we still here strong and working. 

Were you surprised by how sharp everyone’s pen was?

Not at all, we nice. lol

Do you think you should have been included in the official Dipset reunion?

 A little. A lot of people first heard of me through Dipset, and I always get asked about the situation.

What have you been up to?

Working. I never stop putting out music, never will.

What’s your latest album/project?

My latest project is called Better Days ft Vertical Jones it’s out now everywhere, I also have a project coming out with my bro A-Clay called SaintVille.

What’s something that would surprise people about Harlem?

The rent prices. lol.

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  1. Tom gist…. ain’t nobody good enough to leave him out…. gonna hold his own… every since my brother Charles love put me on to him….IAM locked for life

  2. Gist should be a politician. No hate, just spitting facts and giving positive results

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