Off The Porch: Tre Loaded Speaks On Memphis, Spending His Last On “Vo Flow” Music Video, Viral On TikTok

Tre Loaded

We recently connected with Memphis artist Tre Loaded for an exclusive “Off The Porch” interview! During our sit down he talked about the vibes in East Memphis, describes his childhood, not being ashamed of working a job when he was younger, reveals that Don Trip is his uncle, explains how he got into making music, his music blowing up on TikTok, listening to lyrical rappers, explains his creative process, stealing a car when he was 15 years old, spending his last money on the music video for “Vo Flow” that has gotten over 600k views on YouTube, his growth as an artist, his first project ‘Made In Memphis’, fatherhood changing his life, wanting his listeners to feel turnt when they listen to his music, shares advice, goals, other business he wants to get into, and much more!

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