DGB Exclusive | Versvs Links With En?gma for New Single “Certified Rap”


International rapper Versvs releases highly-anticipated new single “Certified Rap” featuring En?gma. With his latest, the multilingual emcee lives up to the song’s title, using his intricate rhyme scheme and inventive wordplay to display authentic lyricism. 

The Canadian-Italian rep channels his passion for rap into a spitfire delivery that warms the ear of his listeners. A rhymesayer by definition, Versvs’ methodical approach to “create good music” in an industry that’s plagued with trendy customs is a lost art. He’s a beacon of hope between traditional wordsmiths and modern composers alike, proving that music remains one of the highest forms of communication. 

“En?gma and I wanted to create a song that contained all our passion, aggression, and talent enclosed in 3 minutes,” says Versvs. “While it will certainly appeal to all “hip hop heads” and fans of lyricism, the modern hook and bouncy beat also render the track enjoyable for people of all musical tastes.” 

Versvs’ collaborative effort is more than another stamp on his musical passport. “Certified Rap” is a track that blends together two cultures within rap’s melting pot of influence: American and Italian, or as Versvs avows, “This song is one small step towards breaking the barriers of music.”

Beyond his international status, Versvs natural talent is undeniable. After a successful tour run with one of Italy’s most celebrated artist (Clementino) – and landing a opening set for Tyga – Versvs has continued to broaden his pen in route to becoming a star in his own right.

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