Video: Bakir Floyd “2 AM”

Newark, New Jersey artist Bakir Floyd just released his new single + music video “2AM”. Heartfelt and soothing, the single puts listeners in a lullaby sense of mind in which they daydream about the people they love as Floyd did for his women. Being both adept in singing and rapping, Bakir showcases versatility in the ability to make his feelings transparent in the art of music.

Recently in 2019, Bakir graduated from the University of Villanova with a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering. However, music was always in his genes with him being the son of James “Gotti” Floyd, who was signed to Queen Latifah’s Flavor Unit. Inspired by his father’s drive and ability, he always had an innate desire to pursue music. He began mimicking his father’s musical path and learned how to sing, rap, and dance. Unfortunately, his father was arrested, and Floyd is left without him. During his senior year in college, he was more inspired than ever to fulfill his father’s ambition along with his. In a heartwarming moment, when Bakir graduated, his father was out in time to attend his graduation, and the two reunited! They vowed to be better men for their family. Bakir and James Floyd founded thier label Writrz Block as an ode to the promise.

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