Video: Big Moochie Grape “East Haiti Baby”

Fully equipped with a charismatic personality and braggadocious bars to match, Big Moochie Grape carries East Memphis on his back as one of the shining stars of Paper Route Empire. Fresh off the release of his Pitchfork-praised mixtapeEast Haiti Baby, Moochie shares the video to the namesake track “East Haiti Baby,out now!

Big Moochie Grape comes through with raw, uncut lyricism every time his touches a track – the affirming, Blackstreet-sampling ad-libs on “East Haiti Baby” confirms that he’s not the one to play with when it comes to this rap sh*t! Letting his southern drawl glide across a soulful production, this heater is full of “in your face” rhymes as he raps about the journey that led him to becoming a big stepper in the Dirty South: “Treat me like king when I step in the projects/ got rich in 3 months, can’t no n**** top that/Got booked for a strap, but I still keep the rocket.” Moochie lets you know his road to riches is paying off – in the video, he lays in a bed of cash and flashes VVS jewels with more floss than a dentist. Claiming the director’s seat at his own photoshoot, Big Moochie Grape lets you know his life is a movie and you better grab your popcorn.

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