Video: CEO Trayle “July The Fourth”

When you think of July 4th, fireworks, BBQ, and good company come to mind but for the Gunna co-signed trendsetter, CEO Trayle, the holiday has a different meaning. Trayle explains why on his new single “July The Fourth,” arriving today!

The first glimpse at his upcoming Vier EP, “July the Fourth” is a sentimental single, and it reveals why the 4th is much more than just a holiday for Trayle. It’s the day he got shot 7 times when 2 men staged a botched home invasion attempt in 2013. That day, he experienced traumas that still make him pause, but the desire to escape his past life continues to push him forward in his music. 

The new song elucidates many of the lessons that Trayle learned on the fateful day. Trayle’s signature raspy vocals slide slow and smooth like butter, all on a Twysted Genius beat with strings that evoke nostalgia and bass hits that shake speakers. Trayle recalls his life before the booth and remembers those who lifted him up when he was down, rapping, “He plugged me, I love him for life. He paved the way, I bought him ice. And I’m not going for that shit twice. I kept on rapping till I got nice.

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