Video: Chino Cappin “Demon”

Ready to blow up out of rural Georgia, Chino Cappin has built a devoted fan base through his ability to synthesize street rap and passionate R&B. Fresh off his Alamo Records debut album, Ladders, the Fort Valley native is back with a new single, Demon.” The video catches Cappin bouncing between a BBQ and whipping down a Georgia freeway. Making it known that family comes first, Cappin raps “Middle finger to that girl I know she mad at me / Right there with my daughter where I’d rather be.” Chino Cappin may be a hometown hero and an eligible bachelor, but his child and his career come first in his world.

“Demon” will appear on Permanently Scarred, his new project. Characterized by his usual down to earth lyrics, the new album follows his recent project Ladders and continues his artistic growth. The upcoming project is home to his recent single, “Til The Morning,” a sultry slow jam that was accompanied by a video filled with Casamigos tequila and beautiful women.

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