Video: Chino Cappin “Disrespectful” ft. Jacquees

We’ve all been in a “situationship” at least once in our lives, and you might’ve discovered some of your own red flags and toxic behaviors during this phase. Though Chino Cappin and Jacquees have the R&B pipes to swoon the ladies, they remind you just how toxic they can be in their new video, “Disrespectful.” Over a sensuous guitar-driven production by Jacquees’ frequent collaborator Nash B, the Permanently Scarred slow-jam finds the GA natives fed up with the lies and disrespect from their lovers and retaliating the best way they know how: going back to the streets and messing with their friends. In the video, Chino and Jacquees spend quality time with lingerie-clad baddies and express their frustrations to the same woman. Trading harmonious vocals under sultry red lights, the duo let their red flags shine as they warn potential lovers to be mindful of their actions: “Play ‘round me, and I get disrespectful/Stiff on these h**s, what makes you any different?”

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