Video: Comethazine “Spinback”

If there’s one thing you should know about Comethazine, it’s that this man is a lone wolf. Everything he does is 100% pure Comethazine – I mean, he hasn’t had a feature since 2018. Today, he’s upping the ante as the editor, director and star of his new video “Spinback.” In true Co fashion, “Spinback” is a 2 minute banger filled with sharp threats in his signature growl, as he warns his enemies to keep their social distance or suffer the consequences: “They was 4 deep, but I had one gat/Went got mo’ heat so please come back.” In the self-directed video, Co faces off with a group in a dark alley, who gun him down before the track even kicks in. Comethazine proceeds to rap directly to camera with the most sinister, bloody smile for the entirety of the video, as the paramedics attempt to save his life. I love how his grillz are still gleaming through all the blood! “Spinback” is the first official single from Comethazine since he dropped Bawskee 4 last October – expect more.

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