Video: DC The Don “All I Know”

DC the Don’s artistic vision and creative versatility are matched by few others rising in the music industry. Today, he takes that artistry to a new level on “All I Know,” the latest single off his upcoming FUNERAL album. Backed by a somber yet buzzing instrumental, the new song finds DC taking an introspective look at his lifestyle and how he will be remembered. He fully embraces the theme of his upcoming album, setting the video at his own funeral. As he lays in a casket, mourners show their respects for the Milwaukee-born artist, dropping roses on his body while he raps about the lavish life he has lived: “My chain, my card, throwin’ money in the club, girl that’s all I know.” He goes on to flex about his undeniable charm: “How she get so addicted, she say she need more of me.”

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