Video: DC The Don “POISON”

With his infectious energy, relatable rhymes, and unique aesthetic, DC The Don is ready to shake the game up like a Tilt-a-Whirl. Leaning into his strength for channeling childlike wonder into his venting of adult stresses, the Rostrum Records artist shares his new video for “Poison,” the latest single from his upcoming FUNERAL album. Over a cacophony of hyper-pop infused production, the track finds DC walking the emotional tightrope between moving on and falling back into a toxic relationship: “Your love is poison but I treat it like it’s medical/And I’m not the only one but girl, you left me skeptical.”

The video for “Poison” is a perfectly fitting visual metaphor for rebuilding a broken heart in the wake of an ill-fated relationship. Taking a solo trip to a carnival, DC arrives with youthful excitement and a glowing smile, ready to be the one playing games this time around. Enlisting his stuffed animal prize to keep him company, DC takes a rollercoaster ride as his mind navigates the highs and lows of his ex-lover. Yet, he never loses that sense of exuberance, knowing that what goes up must come down, but it’s still worth it just to ride that ferris wheel. 

Check it out below via Youtube!

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